Summer® Patents

Summer® is dedicated to developing the safest and most innovated products that stand the test of time. 
The products listed below contain patents held by Summer®
This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).
​Summer® Affirm™ Steeloc™ Car Seat Base: 10,737,593 B1

Summer® Affirm™ 335 Infant Car Seat and ​Summer® Affirm™ 335 DLX Infant Car Seat​: 10,737,593 B1

Summer® Myria® Travel System and ​Summer® Myria® DLX Travel System: 10,737,593 B1

Summer® 4-in-1 SuperSeat® and Summer® Deluxe 4-in-1 SuperSeat®: 10,945,535

Summer® 4 Side Countour Change Pad: 7,757,320

Summer® Baby Pixel®: D 855,065 S; Patents Pending

Summer® Baby Pixel® Cadet®: D 855,065

Summer® Baby Pixel® Zoom HD™: D 855,065 S; 10,861,312

Summer® Deluxe Baby Bather and Summer® Deluxe Baby Bather with Warming Wings: 7,065,805 B1

Summer® Double Safety Bedrail: 6,725,476 B2; 7,150,053 B2; 7,080,419 B2; 6,959,463 B2

Summer® Duomat® and Summer® Elite Duomat®: 7,878,588

Summer® My Bath Seat®: 10,568,465

Summer® Retractable Gate: 9,482,052;